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Our cafe features a rustic and cozy decor, with wooden furniture and warm lighting that adds to the ambiance of the place. You can sit back and relax while enjoying the stunning views of the mountains and valleys that surround us.

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We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and strive to minimize our impact on the environment. Our cafe is powered by renewable energy sources and we use biodegradable packaging for our takeout orders.

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We have gathered spectacular pictures of our  cafe, hotel and location to showcase pure beauty of nature and perfected style & design of our accommodations to inspire you.


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In the northern region, there may be a higher demand for warm drinks and cozy, indoor spaces during the colder months, which can lead to increased business and revenue during those times.



Horizon Resort Attabad Lake Ainabad, N-35 Karakoram Highway, Gojal, Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan



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 Horizon Resort Attabad Lake Ainabad, N-35 Karakoram Highway, Gojal, Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan


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